About Us


Our Story

The Sports Investors has 4 (part-time), and 4 (full-time) handicappers on staff. These (8 handicappers) are some of the world’s best! Who live, eat, and breathe sports; having achieved unparalleled success in the sports betting industry. The team ranges from former athletes turned referees, who have an advantage with one specific sport, to overall sports handicappers. Some of the best Las Vegas has ever seen, and some of our handicappers are currently banned from even placing bets due to their outrageous winning percentages.

Our Approach

On top of the tremendous winning handicappers, we have at the Sports Investors, we also have a sophisticated statistical model and algorithm program that we confirm with every release. At no point, do we release a PAID GAME without the full agreement of our staff and model insuring the highest possible success rates. While some of our handicappers are only allowed to share picks and not actually place bets themselves, most of us at The Sports Investors actually have action on these releases ourselves, so we have the same low risk, that you have with every PAID pick we release.

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